I’m Noticing A Pattern

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Yesterday was great! Busy, but great. Dialysis was the best it has been so far. W

We did find out his hemoglobin was low and his phosphorus was high. Both a result of kidneys not doing their job. He received a shot to help the hemoglobin and a binder to help the phosphorus.

Last night wasn’t the greatest. Still dealing with constipation from surgery. Surgery was 9 days ago (if you’re counting) 🙁

He was quite naucious this morning. We talked to Peggy and she said to call our surgeon. He (of course) was in surgery, but called us back pretty quickly. He wanted us to bring our recent exrays to him.

So here we sit. His assistant said he is finishing up his last surgery and would hopefully be with us shortly.

1 thought on “I’m Noticing A Pattern

  1. Frances Matthews

    I read through last 5 days of posts and overall looks like pattern is to have interspersed good days.!.
    Hope this visit to the surgeon can help speed the recovery along.
    Sounds like you have fantastic friends and I know your family will do anything they can for you.
    As for me I now know more about peritoneal dialysis than I ever did.
    Love, Aunt Frannie


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