Report From Dr K Visit

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Good News: Nothing is blocked or appears impacted. All of his incisions and staples look great. His catheter placement looks great. There is no fluid around his heart or lungs. All of his organs are where they should be and appear as they should.

Bad News: His X-rays proove that he certainly should feel as bad as he does. He has a lot of stuff in there that needs to come out.

Diagnosis: Keep doing what we are doing. He will feel better soon.

He is tired and worn out. I am getting more and more smiles out of him each day. I think his incisions are feeling quite a bit better. I can see him deflate every time a blood test reveals that he needs another injection or daily med. I just try to remind him that he has a couple organs not working at all. They have to use meds to replace those functions in his body. Thank God we have this option. Thank God we have nurses and doctors staying on top of all of this. One day at a time.

2 thoughts on “Report From Dr K Visit

  1. Aunt Lee Ann

    Good news for the most part. Yay! Bad news…stupid kidney and colon….boooo. My normal this week…work, grocery shopping, made chirkey noodles last night. Chirkey??? You ask, I used some leftover turkey from christmas and a couple of chicken breasts. It was fairly generic and slightly dry but tastey. It turned out I only had 1 can of cream of chicken and about 40000 cans of cream of mushroom, so I used one of each. It could of used more cream of chicken. But thats cooking without a net. Love you guys, hang in there. Hugs n kisses all around.

  2. Gwen Kalvelage

    I love you both every day! Let me know if there is anything I can do. I make a mean guacamole. If you ever need that kind of thing. 🙂 Or whatever. I am here. Just ask. <3


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