I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

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We had some plans before the “Chaos of Christmas 2014” happened. Some of them we’ve had to let go but some of them we are trying to do. A few of our good friends decided dinner was still happening last night. Jamey didn’t have the greatest day yesterday so we were 50/50 if we were going to even make it. Reservations were at 7:45PM. Around 7PM he decided to try putting on jeans for the first time since surgery. It wasn’t real comfortable, but he did it. I think it felt good to him to look a little more like himself for a couple hours.

It was a slow process getting out the door. It was a slow process walking from the parking lot. But when we walked in the Copper Creek Chophouse there were six huge smiles and six pair of arms giving hugs. I may have even heard a clap or two 😉

Dinner was good. I wasn’t impressed with my bisque – but my steak was great! Delicious and perfectly prepared.  I loved my side of lobster mac n cheese. The oysters, crispy kale, and bread plate on the table were also all delicious! A few in our group mentioned that their sides were pretty salty. I don’t think there were any complaints about the wine or dessert either. I didn’t get any, but I noticed a creme brûlée and a molten lava cake disappear quite quickly.

Jamey didn’t eat much. But he did eat. We’ve learned he doesn’t really have much of an appetite right now. Every once and I while I would look down the table and see him in a laughing conversation with the guys and I knew we made the right choice to come out.

I think J was eating in this pic. But everyone was laughing and I wanted to take it! LOL



This is him not entirely sure he is believing Stephen’s story 😛



The girls sat at the other end of the table.


Super fun night. Thanks for inviting us!

7 thoughts on “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

  1. Laurie Feger AKA Jamey's Mom

    Friends, laughter, and moving about….two of the best things for him to start feeling better. Glad you went!


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