My Normal

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Jamey is feeling well enough that I left him at home this morning so I could do the choir car pool! While I’m not a fan of waking up 30 minutes earlier — I am a fan of doing something normal!

2 thoughts on “My Normal

  1. Aunt Lee Ann

    Yay normal!!! Glad your feeling better Jamey, lets hope it continues. My normal was work as always and i finisbed my book. The bad thing is I still have no clue what it was about. No clue…..the mystery continues.

  2. Mom Mac

    Normal for me today ~ uhm, woke up late because I stayed up playing Tomb Raider until 1:30AM! Why you may ask, because I can! 😉 Got up, Dad had to meet an electrician up at Food Pantry. I washed the big vase and the flowers in it that sits on the entertainment center ~ it needed it! ewwwwwwww!!! I made a nice lunch ~ lettuce salad with broccoli, julienne carrots (with the tool you bought me!), purple onion, Monterey Jack cheese, Craisins, AND leftover fried chicken breasts! 🙂 Ordered Dad a new LED light for aquarium ~ should save us some serious money on electric bill from the metal halide light that we are using now. They apparently really suck down the electricity ~ so that will be refreshing, something that uses less! [Eric ordered the same light for his new aquarium too.] And now looking at gift for Abby for her birthday! Probably will spend some time at the puzzle. Need to think about what we’re going to have for supper and then later tonight, back to Tomb Raider! 🙂 Staying in as much as possible, because unlike Colorado, it’s COLD! here!


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