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TWO days in a row have been great! “Turn Me Off” is the message we get when Jamey completes an entire exchange with the cycler. We have seen this message two days in a row. Success!! He is still pain free! We are in Aurora every day for training. We leave home after we drop the girls at school. We usually get there around 9AM. Then the cycler has to cycle four times. Each cycle takes 1.5-2 hours. You can do the math. 😉 We often leave the DaVita center right around rush hour. Perfect!!

Now that he isn’t in excruciating pain, he is able to work and join calls quite a bit easier. He has little side tables on his chair and we use pillows to prop his computer on his belly.

His nutritionist, Sandy, told him to EAT. Today we went ahead and ordered Macaroni Grill for lunch 😉 Yes, we even had the bread with oil and parmesan. He’s going to love me for posting this pic 😉



15 thoughts on “Turn Me Off

  1. Jade

    A former coworker shared this site with me yesterday. I am so happy to read you are doing better, I had no idea before yesterday you were sick. Such a roller coaster of emotion on this log, I am glad I came in late to the story and see pictures of you eating and smiling. My thoughts and prayers are sincerely with you and your family.

  2. Mom Mac

    Good to see my boy feeling like eating again!!! Love a good eater!!! Also glad he is finally getting to do this pain free! Good news indeed!!!

  3. Chris and Stacia

    Glad to see you eating and smiling. Better days are ahead! Praying for you all through this rough patch. Love you guys.

  4. Laurie Feger AKA Jamey's Mom

    Eat up! Gee Meagan he wouldn’t let me do a picture together when I sat with him the other day! Maybe it’s because I still had droll on my mouth from when I fell asleep! HA! James Michael…this make your mom very happy. It kills me when you hurt! Love you

  5. Alice

    Hooray!! Long days for sure but clearly worth it. So, so, so glad that Jamey is able to eat some wonderful food and start a return to normalcy. Prayers are ongoing for all of you. Lots and lots of love coming from Wisconsin to Colorado!


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