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Antibodies. We can have them in our blood if we’ve been exposed to another persons tissue. Examples: blood transfusion, having babies, prior transplants. Unfortunately having an auto immune disease can also cause you to have antibodies. Antibodies are like a small but fierce army in your body. While your white blood cells attack anything foreign, specific antibodies are trying to simply eradicate the one thing they are after –  quickly. We have to know which antibodies Jamey has so we can locate a donor that DOES NOT have whatever Jamey’s body wants to fight. They did a blood/tissue test to check his PRAs. Panel Reatrictive Antibodies. You can have 0%-99%. Let’s say you have 25%. That means that roughly 25% of the population would not be a suitable transplant match for you. We were prepared to hear a bad number due to his IGA. Beth, our transplant coordinator, called yesterday. She said the number. Zero. They tested Jameys tissue and found he has zero PRAs. Go ahead and celebrate. We did 🙂

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