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Aspen View Academy had their Daddy/Daughter Dance this weekend. Our girls were so excited! Unfortunately a stomach virus is sweeping the first grade. Hb didn’t get to go. Abby said she had a blast! Jamey said Abby wasn’t too excited to dance – but once he got her started she wouldn’t quit! LOL


Jamey hopped on the corporate jet this morning. Thank you, Matt and Pieter, for helping with his luggage! I got it into the car for him and then made him promise to ask for help unloading.

We are under the impression that dialysis patients can indeed take a drug for RLS. He will ask his doctor about it at his clinic coming up. He had a bit of a fever on Sunday. We are all a little worn down and could use a vacation! Who wants to join us? I’m hoping for a beach with blue water! I think Bora Bora might work. image 😉


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