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This is a late post. Last week, the day we came home from the hospital, I cleaned all traces of dialysis out of our bedroom. Jamey walked in the house, hugged the girls, and then went straight to our shower. I cleaned out every bit of dialysis supplies while he was in the bathroom. I wanted him to see his normal bedroom when he walked out. His cycler and manuals are all packed up and ready to be delivered back to the DaVita Clinic.


I took a couple days off to sleep and breathe. Then Mom & Dad, and I all went upstairs to tackle the Baxter (guest) room. This is the room that was filled floor to ceiling with supplies on three walls. The great news is we were able to clean it out. Completely. The bad/sad news is that it all went in the trash. Even boxes that were sealed. Never touched. Unopened. Trash. I can (kind of) understand the Dialysate. It is a prescription. But we threw away and entire month of cassettes. These are the pieces that snap into the cycler with new tubing every single night. I asked repeatedly what we could do with the supplies. We were told over and over again that it is illegal for us to do anything other than place it in the trash. At one point we were told that Baxter would come pick it up for $3 a box. (We won’t discuss how many boxes we still had.)  I had my hopes up. But then they told me that they too just dispose of the boxes. Heartbreaking. We (our insurance) had paid for these boxes. I can’t believe there is no way they could go to a person that was in need. Sigh. Well, anyway, we cleaned out the room. It was a good day. I had to slice open the Dialysate bags and drain them down the tub.

IMG_8417 IMG_8421

Then all the boxes had to be collapsed.

IMG_8420 IMG_8556


I saved the last bag for Jamey. He wasn’t feeling especially great, but he did get a pretty good smile when that very last bag drained.

IMG_8464 IMG_8466


And now the room is empty.

IMG_8469 IMG_8468

Woo! Hoo!!!!


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