No News is Good News

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So, here in the Feger house we have been finding peace. Why haven’t I updated the blog? It hasn’t been on my mind. Instead, I’ve been planning Transplantiversary celebrations, getting the kids back to school, preparing for the holidays, working around Jamey’s travel schedule — you know, NORMAL THINGS. Can we celebrate a little?? Woo Hoo!!!! Let’s go back to… Read more »

Up and Down

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As I mentioned earlier in the week – we visit the hospital once a week. We get some results that day, others come a couple days later. Unfortunately, the result we got that day said that J’s creatinine had creeped back up a bit. Blah. It isn’t dangerously high – but it isn’t at its average low. So, we pray… Read more »

My Grandma Reads My Blog…

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Seriously! How cool is that?? She also emails. And she emailed to say that she checked the blog but there wasn’t an update. This blogs for you Grandma Mifflin! I suppose I should start with December 2015. I failed to post that we had an amazing opportunity. Let’s backtrack a bit more… If you’ve read How We Ended Up Here –… Read more »


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Well. Here we are. Three hundred eighty eight days later. Three hundred and eighty eight days since the call that informed us J needed a kidney. Lots of tears. Lots of anger. Lots of uncertainty. Lots of hope. Lots of love. Lots of surprises. Lots of miracles. It does not escape me that the man walking through this life with… Read more »

Virus update

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We did indeed get to go to Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time with lots of family we haven’t seen in a long while. We also became Adelyn’s Godparents when she celebrated the sacrament of Baptism. It was a beautiful evening! Now onto the virus. Recent labs show it is getting significantly better! Yay!! The down side to this is… Read more »

Been a while…

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Hi, Friends!! Well, it seems I’ve been absent for several weeks. I’m so so sorry. I guess when your husband gets a kidney and starts feeling better the family starts doing things. 🙂 So, how about a quick update? Jamey’s three month appointment was at the end of October. At that appointment he was informed that he only needed to… Read more »