Waiting… And The Call

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It was a beautiful day! The snow was so pretty with bright blue skies. Very low key day for us just waiting for the call. Lots of movies and relaxing the best we could. Jamey’s Nephrologist called us this afternoon. The good news is the biopsy isn’t much different from the one we had two years ago. Yay! The next news isn’t as exciting. We knew it was coming – but still so hard to hear. Dr. Fisch said that while the biopsy seems the same, Jamey’s blood tests are not heading in the right direction. Monday, the 29th we would start receiving calls about scheduling for his dialysis catheter. There are two main types of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. His doctor recommended peritoneal dialysis and we agreed. This is something he will be able to do at home each night. He also alerted us that it was time to choose our hospital for transplant options and be preparing ourselves for those education classes as well.

We made and received many phone calls today. So many friends and family taking the time to let us know you are thinking of us. We appreciate every single one of you. I’m sorry if we don’t respond quickly – the emotional drain this is having on us is HUGE. But do know we are reading and loving every message. Thank you!

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