Best Friends Ever

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It is crazy cold here today. -2 right now. I have no idea what the temp was when a wonderful friend shoveled for us. Thank you all! A little bird mentioned that you are all taking turns. What a blessing to be surrounded with such kindness!

I I just dropped him off for his blood work. It was an exciting drive here. I ran out of washer fluid so it was tough to see. Then I slid around the hospital entrance and bounced off a curb and mound of snow. I wasn’t going fast, but it was a bit slicker than the highway 😉 Jamey yelled, “We’re Here!” Such a comedian. We should know his results later today. He feels good this morning. Smile on his face.

2 thoughts on “Best Friends Ever

  1. Brian Cohen

    We are praying for you as well!

    Keep that Feger smile we all enjoy so much and high hopes! Just remember you have a support system that is second to none and I’m sure I speak for every one of our friends and families when I say PLEASE do not hesitate to ask! We will do everything possible to support you as you have done the same for us previously. Can’t ever begin to thank you guys… Now it’s our turn!

    Do your best to stay strong, we know great people don’t stay down!



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