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We Love Shirley

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This family loves Shirley!! She is such a blessing to us during normal times –  I can’t even express how much she means to us during this time. She is doing everything (and more) that I just can’t juggle right now. House/dog/kids/shopping — you name it, she’s on it! We love you, Shirley! Thank you!


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We made it!!!! We had a great week. Today I got to do the manual bags on my own. You may notice that he worked though the whole process. Don’t worry though, I still got his smart@$$ comments while I worked 😉 It is still a bit of a stressful process – but I’m getting it! Oh! And I passed… Read more »

Turn Me Off

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TWO days in a row have been great! “Turn Me Off” is the message we get when Jamey completes an entire exchange with the cycler. We have seen this message two days in a row. Success!! He is still pain free! We are in Aurora every day for training. We leave home after we drop the girls at school. We… Read more »

My Normal

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Jamey is feeling well enough that I left him at home this morning so I could do the choir car pool! While I’m not a fan of waking up 30 minutes earlier — I am a fan of doing something normal!


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Yes! It is true. He had a great day! The things that have made these past couple of weeks really rough seem to have worked themselves out. He ate THREE great meals today and even one snack. Let’s all pray it wasn’t a fluke and tomorrow will be just as fantastic! We really need a great week at dialysis this… Read more »

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

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We had some plans before the “Chaos of Christmas 2014” happened. Some of them we’ve had to let go but some of them we are trying to do. A few of our good friends decided dinner was still happening last night. Jamey didn’t have the greatest day yesterday so we were 50/50 if we were going to even make it. Reservations were… Read more »

Report From Dr K Visit

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Good News: Nothing is blocked or appears impacted. All of his incisions and staples look great. His catheter placement looks great. There is no fluid around his heart or lungs. All of his organs are where they should be and appear as they should. Bad News: His X-rays proove that he certainly should feel as bad as he does. He… Read more »

I’m Noticing A Pattern

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Yesterday was great! Busy, but great. Dialysis was the best it has been so far. W We did find out his hemoglobin was low and his phosphorus was high. Both a result of kidneys not doing their job. He received a shot to help the hemoglobin and a binder to help the phosphorus. Last night wasn’t the greatest. Still dealing… Read more »