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We had a great weekend. Saturday was spent doing just about nothing. It was quite refreshing to have ZERO appointments. Yay! We sat around most of the day. The girls and J played the xbox and watched movies. I started getting Christmas decorations down. The Feger’s came over to celebrate Christmas with the girls in the evening. We were a little behind celebrating with them due to all of our chaos.

Sunday was GAME DAY. Shirley came to stay with the girls. They had a fun time at the movies watching Penguins of Madagascar. We had a fun time tailgating and going to the game. I think it was super for Jamey to be around so many friends. He said not many people talked to him about his kidneys. He just got to have some normal conversations. Friends did talk to me. They wanted to know the latest news, how he was feeling, what was next… They let us know they were thinking about us and just knew it was all going to be okay.

Several of our friends from our neighborhood bought tickets to this game!



And what a fun group that we get to share every home game with. You guys are the best! Thanks so much for the fantastic memories!


The game itself didn’t turn out the way we would have liked – but “any given Sunday” right? We loved having our tickets this year and hope to do the same next year. We are fortunate enough to be in the club level. This allows us to go inside and sit by the fire and watch on the big screens if we get too cold/hot/tired. It really worked well for us yesterday. We went inside for the 3rd quarter and warmed up a bit. Bronco Football has the same feel as Cardinal Baseball. There is just a hum around Denver on game days and it is exciting! We love being a part of it!

So what’s next? This evening we are meeting with the DaVita Dialysis nurses for a couple hours of education. Tuesday, we finally get to receive our transplant education. We are hoping this gets us the info we need so we can tell YOU what we need specifically. Several of you have asked how we find a match for Jamey and we hope this is the education we need. We are also hoping this gets the ball rolling so he can get on the deceased donor transplant list. While a living donor statistically gives hime the best transplant success – we will get on every list we can. Wednesday morning we are heading to the hospital for surgery. 9AM check in and 11AM surgery. This required general anesthesia. Please pray that his potassium stays in check on this day. This is the day his peritoneal dialysis catheter will be placed. Finally, his creatinine keeps creeping up. The last blood test said he was at 7.34. This means his first dialysis will be on Thursday. They call this rapid start since his catheter won’t be healed. What we understand is that they will push only part of the fluid into his abdomen. This will not be as good as the real deal once he heals – but it should help bring down his creatinine levels a bit while he heals.

We can’t thank you enough for all of the prayers and well wishes. Overall, Jamey is still feeling pretty good. He is tired. He has the occasional headache. Last Tuesday was our worst day. He hasn’t felt that bad since then. We are all emotionally drained and could use a little more sleep 😉

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  1. Alice

    Thank you so much for the update, Meagan. We will pray specifically for favorable potassium levels and a very successful start to dialysis the next day. So glad you got to enjoy tailgating and going to the game (sorry about the final score, though). We love you all so much and are looking forward to hearing about lots of positive outcomes this week!

  2. Mom Mac

    Glad that you had a nice, calm, relaxing week-end, I always have you and Jamey in my prayers. Added a few more church members Sunday to our prayer group over here in Illinois at Sacred Heart yesterday. Love you guys so much! Amongst all my prayers, I’m also praying for just some normalcy back in your lives. So wish I was closer and could help you with the special meals, and running the girls . . . please, know if I was there, that you know I would. Love you!


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