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I Love This Man

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Happy Valentine’s Day! I made this video for J on our anniversary this past September. I haven’t shared it publicly. I think today is a good day to share. [fvplayer src=”″]

Awesome News

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Antibodies. We can have them in our blood if we’ve been exposed to another persons tissue. Examples: blood transfusion, having babies, prior transplants. Unfortunately having an auto immune disease can also cause you to have antibodies. Antibodies are like a small but fierce army in your body. While your white blood cells attack anything foreign, specific antibodies are trying to simply eradicate… Read more »

Dialysis At Home

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We did it! Last night was our second night. I will admit it was a little stressful on Wednesday night. We have spent so long doing this in a small hospital room. Everything has its own place and is easy to get to and access. I did find a spot for everything and label all of the drawers and boxes here… Read more »


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All of our supplies are here! This is about one month (and a little extra) worth of supplies. While it is over 50 boxes – I don’t think it takes up as much room as I thought it would. It will be a bit different than training. During training we used one 6000 ml bag and one 3000 ml bag. He… Read more »

Still Here

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We are still in Aurora. Sigh. We have passed all of the tests but we are still waiting for our supplies. We have to come here for dialysis until we can do it at home. Blah. He’s working. I’m working. It is nearly 70 outside and we are in a tiny room with no windows or cell service. Yup. Excellent…. Read more »