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All of our supplies are here! This is about one month (and a little extra) worth of supplies. While it is over 50 boxes – I don’t think it takes up as much room as I thought it would. It will be a bit different than training. During training we used one 6000 ml bag and one 3000 ml bag. He needs 8000 ml each night and we need the extra 1000 ml for priming the cycler and catheter. Once the delivery guy was done I noticed that all of the boxes said 5000 ml. This means we will be doing two 5000 ml bags each night. A little more waste – BUT, all of the boxes are the same size! And it means we will use one box a night. Each box contains two 5000 ml bags. Anyway, I’m pretty happy about it 🙂 The color on the box is the strength of the dialysate. We have only needed yellow. The green and red are a higher sugar concentration and they will remove more fluid from Jamey if we use them. An example would be maybe after flying. If his legs swell it is harder for him to get rid of the extra fluid than it is for someone with functioning kidneys. So he would use a green or red box as his secondary bag to help with the fluid retention that night.


The bigger boxes stacked on the left of this image are manual bags. If he power goes out or he isn’t going to get 8 hours of sleep (so the cycler can do its thing) he can use a manual bag to fill during the day. He would let it dwell for 4 hours and then drain and fill again. 3-4 times a day.




Wish us luck! Tonight will be our first shot at doing this at home.

5 thoughts on “Baxter

  1. Mom Mac

    My goodness, I can see why you passed your test! A lot of info!!! Sure glad he can do this at home. I also hope he can sleep while it’s going on. I would think it’s going to take some getting used to. But it’s possible – I got used to sleeping with head gear! :p

  2. Laurie Feger AKA Jamey's Mom

    He will do great, and so will you! Ok…gottta say it. When I saw all the boxes in this post, all I could think about was a time at the bowling alley. Ask Jamey if he remembers the contest between the guys seeing who could jump over the most beer boxes? Jim Ray was the star…he cleared like 8 or 9 of them! Maybe you could set the empties out in the middle of Mashie, and have a contest against the “West Side” guys! Hope tonight goes great!

  3. Jenn

    Awesome. I’m happy that he gets to do this in a less life impacting way. That is great. I’m interested in how last night went.

  4. Uncle David

    Time for a emergence generator to power the critical parts of the house. Like the bedroom, fridge, and TV….. Just saying…..

  5. Deb G

    Go get’er done Team Feger! You are unstoppable forces of nature and you’ve got prayers of a small army backing you up. Big love from the Gibson Gang.


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