Dialysis At Home

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We did it! Last night was our second night. I will admit it was a little stressful on Wednesday night. We have spent so long doing this in a small hospital room. Everything has its own place and is easy to get to and access. I did find a spot for everything and label all of the drawers and boxes here at home — but it was just different. When I went to add heparin to the bag I didn’t have the space I normally did. I had to move the blood pressure cuff and other items that were now in the way. When I went to get in my nicely labeled drawers to get tape/masks/gloves/bandages/syringe the tubes from the dialysate were hanging down in my way. There was just a lot to wrap our heads around. At one point Jamey was laughing at my frustration and he said, “YOU TOOK A VOW!!” LOL. Yup, That is what I deal with on a daily basis. 😛

He made it through the first night but he woke up with 3 of the 4 drains. So he was sleeping in 2 hour increments. Last night he slept through the first 3 drains. Woo Hoo!!!! He woke up on the 4th/last one. We are really hoping that his body will just adjust and he can sleep through the whole process.

5 thoughts on “Dialysis At Home

  1. Dad

    Good Deal! It will get better with time. Lots of uncertainty and stress the first times at home. I have faith that you can do it and will. Love you guys stay strong!

  2. Mom Mac

    I was worried how the sleeping was going to be. But like Gary said, it will get better in time. It just takes a bit to get used to it . . . but you will. So so happy that he/you can now do it at home and not have to drive that 30 miles there and back everyday! :p Maybe your life can get a little bit of normalcy back! Now, praying that he gets on that list!!!

  3. Laurie Feger AKA Jamey's Mom

    YAY!! It’s so good to see him with normal color again. That is the one thing I really noticed. Maybe it’s a nurse thing, but no matter, it’s good to see him with pink in the cheeks! Dialysis is doing what it’s supposed to! Love you both! Ps. Suzzanne that post signed dad was not from Gary. Either way, what he said is true!

  4. Deb G

    It sounds funny but this story reminds me of many moons ago… Getting boxes of fertility meds. All the stress. Worry about timing things right. Life turning upside down. And, yup…VOWS! This is the better or worse, sickness and health. Just this time, we are anxiously awaiting a bouncing baby kidney instead of a bouncing baby Kid! We can do hard things. We have marriages that have weathered storms already. Isn’t good to KNOW down deep in your bones that you are beloved deeply by your spouse even in chaos AND you know God holds this family in the palm of his hand. ;-).


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