Everyone Is Dealing With Something

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After my big initial cry I started trying to rationalize all of this. It isn’t a heart. It isn’t his brain. It is just a kidney. We can get a kidney from a living donor. People only need one. This isn’t cancer. No one is dead. We can deal with this. We can do this. Dialysis will keep him alive for a long long time. And so on…

You know what? This sucks. And everyone is dealing with something. Someone can’t find their matching shoe this morning. And that is bad for them. Someone wrecked a car. And that is bad for them. Someone has a very sick kid. And that is bad for them. Someone lost a parent or friend. And that is bad for them.

Today I’m deciding that our bad may not be the worst possible thing anyone is dealing with — but you know what?? It is bad for us. And it is okay to be upset that we have to deal with this. It breaks my heart to see my husband upset that a simple shower is now a huge one hour chore. It breaks my heart that we follow a flip chart of directions before we can go to bed at night. It breaks my heart that our kids are being impacted by this. It breaks my heart that this will never be over.

My 37 year old husband and all of us will deal with this from now on. Forever. It will always be hills and valleys. Every time we are on top we will always know there will be a down. Even after we get a kidney — he is 37 — a new kidney won’t last forever. A new kidney is a treatment – not a cure. We’ll get to go through all of this again. Possibly once. Maybe several times. Maybe by the time we need a new one science will have some fantastic answer for us. Maybe not. There will always be doctor appointments. There will always be blood tests. There will always be that bit of worry.

It is okay to be upset about your missing shoe today. I’m upset about my husband.

6 thoughts on “Everyone Is Dealing With Something

  1. Denise

    It’s one min, one hour, one day at a time but be in that minute, hour, day are all of life’s treasures and messes.. Have the strength to cry and to laugh. It’s all part of the journey. Life. Stay constant my friend, you are a blessing.

  2. Jenn

    You are right, your situation sucks. I am sorry you guys have to deal with this. The good news is that you both are strong people and you have a wonderful marriage. Take it one day at a time. This will be a roller coaster of a ride.! There are lots of good days coming your way too.

  3. Mom Mac

    I’m so sorry you two have to go through this – you know I’d give anything for it to be me instead of Jamey. Just remember God doesn’t give you any more than you can handle ~ I’ve raised you to be strong and to face anything ~ and you’re doing a wonderful job! You mentioned a good point! We need to add that to our prayers – that the scientist discover something that is long lasting! We love you to the moon and back!!! Stay strong! And yes ~ it’s OK to have a down day once in a while, we all do ~ just don’t stay there ~ somewhere there is someone that has it a whole lot worse than you guys . . . Jamey is alive and breathing and you are keeping all four of your heads above water ~ You go girl!!!


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