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One of the greatest sunshiny moments of this whole kidney journey was when Becky H. introduced me to Jill. Jill and her husband, Doug, are from St. Louis. Doug needs a kidney. Jill and I have laughed on the phone together. We’ve cried on the phone together. We even have finished each others sentences. It is so unfortunate that I… Read more »

Monday Humor

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Things are good. Jamey is feeling pretty good. Dialysis is going okay. The other day I asked him, “So how are you feeling? Are you feeling better compared to four weeks ago?” And he responded, “Well, I’m not falling asleep every few hours for a couple hours… So I think that’s a plus.” 😉 Always a comedian. I posted a… Read more »

We Need A Kidney!

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We arrived at our meeting downtown yesterday. They said, “CONGRATULATIONS.” Then they handed us a folder that was filled with some of the most scary information we have read so far. First things first. The CONGRATULATIONS part. The document stated: You have met all the criteria required to be placed on the kidney transplant list. After this class you will… Read more »

The List

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We are hoping and praying that tomorrow (Tuesday) is THE DAY. We have an early morning blood draw and classroom class. This class is supposed to the the last thing. The final step. The missing piece. After we do this we should see J’s name on THE LIST. Cross your fingers. Fold your hands. We want this.