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We are hoping and praying that tomorrow (Tuesday) is THE DAY. We have an early morning blood draw and classroom class. This class is supposed to the the last thing. The final step. The missing piece. After we do this we should see J’s name on THE LIST. Cross your fingers. Fold your hands. We want this.

7 thoughts on “The List

  1. Uncle David

    You all are on my list, prayer list that is. and I pray that J will be on the TP (not toilet paper) list today.

  2. Mom Mac

    YES!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!
    He’s on the list!!!
    Now to find a matching donor!
    Another step closer! 🙂

  3. Shane Smith

    I mentioned awhile back how much I appreciate you posting his progress. Is there a place that we can visit or a time? I know he has a huge support group in the telcom world and I understand if it is too risky for germs or anything else. But just to let him know we are thinking of him often and praying for that speedy recovery. Sorry, I am A negative brother.


    1. meagan feger Post author

      We try to stay away from really sick people. But he is going to work and to business dinners and such. I’m sure he would love to get some friends together for a dinner or something fun! 🙂


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