Monday Humor

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Things are good. Jamey is feeling pretty good. Dialysis is going okay. The other day I asked him, “So how are you feeling? Are you feeling better compared to four weeks ago?” And he responded, “Well, I’m not falling asleep every few hours for a couple hours… So I think that’s a plus.” 😉 Always a comedian.

I posted a pic a while back of our dialysis setup. We now have a super bright little light clamped on the side to help us see everything at night. I’ve found that it allows me to make fantastic shadow puppets. Maybe I should start a blog with only the daily shadow puppet?? 🙂 Woof!

4 thoughts on “Monday Humor

  1. Tricia

    Omg i love shadow puppet theatre! That’s how the roommates and i entertained ourselves when we were broke in college!


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