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One of the greatest sunshiny moments of this whole kidney journey was when Becky H. introduced me to Jill. Jill and her husband, Doug, are from St. Louis. Doug needs a kidney. Jill and I have laughed on the phone together. We’ve cried on the phone together. We even have finished each others sentences. It is so unfortunate that I got to meet this friend under these circumstances – But thank God I did. She is a blessing to me. She is that friend that 100% understands. They are our age. They have two kids. She is a wife juggling this life too! She gets me.

I’m writing this post because TOMORROW (the 24th) IS THEIR DAY!!!!! They found a living donor and tomorrow is surgery day. I’m asking that you please pray for Doug, his friend (donor) Dan, their families, and of course all of the surgeons.

Doug has PKD. So not only is he feeling really crummy like J did – he is in pain. Lots of pain. This transplant is the answer to many prayers. Now lets pray that everything goes just as well as it possibly can.

I’m praying that you find some peace in the chaos tomorrow, Jill. This will be a great day and all of my prayers will be with you!

Visit Jill and Doug’s site.

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