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Update & Thanks

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Jamey is feeling MUCH better. He has been working from his recliner this week. He seems much more himself although his appetite hasn’t really returned yet. He has gained back a pound or two and that is good news! Right now his favorite foods are oatmeal and Bomb Pops 😛 I wanted to take a moment to thank our friends Tasha and… Read more »

He’s Up!!

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Out of bed! He’s pretty weak but he is moving. He hasn’t had much to eat since Wednesday. He had some saltines and applesauce last night. He is giving chicken broth a shot with a little side of Powerade. Fingers crossed we are through the worst of it. Hopefully we can get about 8-10 of those pounds back. We appreciate… Read more »

Second verse…

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…same as the first. Just a little bit louder and a little bit worse! BLAH. Well, remember the post where I said things weren’t great? Labs confirmed our thoughts. Unfortunately, Jamey’s kidneys have went downhill a bit. His creatinine is up to 15 and his BUN is up as well around 98. The good news? We have a FANTASTIC team… Read more »


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Aspen View Academy had their Daddy/Daughter Dance this weekend. Our girls were so excited! Unfortunately a stomach virus is sweeping the first grade. Hb didn’t get to go. Abby said she had a blast! Jamey said Abby wasn’t too excited to dance – but once he got her started she wouldn’t quit! LOL Jamey hopped on the corporate jet this… Read more »