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We still need a kidney. I wanted to fill this post with lots of HAPPY… and I will give you a bit of that in a minute. But first, please hear my plea! WE NEED A KIDNEY. Jamey’s kidney function (both kidneys) is down around 6%. Our coordinator said that she has received several calls on his behalf – but they are mostly women. Jamey is 6′ and 230 pounds. A woman most likely won’t be the best match. We need men. Big men. O is the most common blood type. If you have been waiting to see if someone else will do it first – they haven’t. We need YOU. Please! If you are healthy you only need one kidney. If you are reading this, Jamey is most likely your friend or co-worker. If there is any part of you considering being his donor PLEASE PICK UP THE PHONE NOW. Call Kathryn O’Dea, RN, 720-754-2164. She is a lovely woman. She will answer any questions you have and help you find out if you are healthy enough to help Jamey.

Every day there is something new. He is back to being tired most of the time. His team is trying to figure out what he needs to help combat this. But the truth is, when you have organs that have failed, you are just freaking tired. He has developed restless leg syndrome (common with ckd patients). His cycler beeps at us all night needing him to move or sit up. We are up every hour. And now he can’t keep his legs still in between the alarms.

It terrifies me to think we might have to wait 4-5 years to get a deceased kidney. He is a good man. An excellent friend. The best husband and daddy anyone could ever want. Please help us.

When you pray for him, pray for a kidney. Pray for a donor. Pray that Jamey doesn’t lose himself in this battle. He always has the best attitude. He is the first person to make me smile. The first person to help others. The first person to volunteer. Pray that this battle doesn’t change him.

If you are blood type O. If you are a guy. Please call Kathryn O’Dea, RN, 720-754-2164. 

Okay, deep breath. Even though he doesn’t feel the greatest he is doing the best he can to be an awesome dad and husband. We took the girls for a Colorado Spring(s) Break 😉 It kept us close to home but allowed the girls to have some fun and some pool time. We spent a day at Cave of the Winds. We did the cave and all of the other fun things they offer. It was a super fun time!


This is Jamey and Hb telling our friend Doug that we are thrilled with his creatinine level! After his transplant his creatinine is down to .9!!


Ryan asked us to be Godparents to Marlei. We were honored and thrilled. Jamey decided we would make the trip home so we could be at her Baptism. We found out how much it costs to ship his boxes of dialysate. EEKS. We also had our first family flight with his cycler. All went great! No problems with travel. Of course Jamey swelled quite a bit and got pretty worn down. He’s working on bouncing back and we are THRILLED that we got to be with Marlei on her special day!



Since Marlei’s Baptism was on Holy Saturday we just happened to be in DuQuoin for Easter. It was wonderful spending the weekend with all of our friends and family!


Melissa showed up! Is that your A: Salad Plate, B: Food Plate, or C: Dessert Plate 😛




2 thoughts on “In case you were wondering…

  1. Stacie Hegarty

    So I was reading in your post that you are requesting a male donor. Could a female work? Does the person have to be O type blood? Sorry I am clueless about donation.

    Stacie Hegarty

    1. meagan feger Post author

      Hi! A female donor could work. But she would have to be a tall/big girl. Jamey is 6′ and roughly 230#. A kidney is about the size of a fist. My fist is quite a bit smaller – so even if I was O – I wouldn’t be a good match. Jamey needs a pretty big kidney 😉 And yes, he needs an O blood type donor. Thanks for the questions!!


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