He’s Up!!

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Out of bed! He’s pretty weak but he is moving. He hasn’t had much to eat since Wednesday. He had some saltines and applesauce last night. He is giving chicken broth a shot with a little side of Powerade. Fingers crossed we are through the worst of it. Hopefully we can get about 8-10 of those pounds back.

We appreciate every single prayer and well wish you have offered. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “He’s Up!!

  1. Aaron Jones

    I have created a fundraising site for you guys and hopefully a potential donor to raise funds to help you with those things that insurance does not. Please for those that read this comment and for James and Meagan, get this link that I provide below out to everyone for awareness and support in this challenging time.


    Let’s get this DONE!!!

  2. Alice

    Hopefully the upswing in Jamey’s health has continued over the past couple of days. Thinking of you guys and hoping that you are having a great visit with the Ramsey’s! Love you all!


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