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Jamey¬†is feeling MUCH better. He has been working from his recliner this week. He seems much more himself although his appetite hasn’t really returned yet. He has gained back a pound or two and that is good news! Right now his favorite foods are oatmeal and Bomb Pops ūüėõ

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I wanted to take a moment to thank our friends Tasha¬†and Aaron. They came up with the idea to set up a donation site for our transplant. The money collected will help any expenses not covered by insurance for us AND our donor. Airfare, childcare, hotel stays, missed work… the list goes on an on. We are so thankful to have such amazing and thoughtful friends!¬†All¬†unused donations will be donated to the “National Kidney Foundation” for others who are challenged with the extreme costs associated with Kidney Transplants and the post care medications and costs that come with them.

Thank you Tasha and Aaron. The kindness and support that we are receiving from friends like you is what helps us get through each and every day! And thank you to every single person that has giving a donation. We are BLOWN AWAY with your kindness and generosity.

2 thoughts on “Update & Thanks

  1. Uncle David

    You guys have true friends. Thank you Tasha and Aaron for you support of the Fegers. Still praying for you all.

  2. Tl_sims@hotmail.com

    So good to hear you are feeling a little better. Like the old saying goes, just take one day at a time!!


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