Guess who spoke downtown this week?



He has had a few pretty good days in a row! I haven’t heard him complain of headaches as much this week. We’ve had a couple challenges with doing 10 hours of dialysis each night — But we are learning to work thought them and adapt the best we can.

He was given to okay to golf! Someone take this man golfing 😉 He might only last a few holes but I hear he can drive a cart like a champ!

I spoke with our living donor coordinator last week. I tend to call her when Jamey is having a rough time. I just needed to know something good. She gave me a bit of good. 🙂 Good news is someone is getting medical testing (to see if they are a match) for us before Memorial Day Weekend!! Another piece of good news is we know of at least 2 other possible donors waiting for medical testing. They only test one candidate at a time. There are quite a few tests and unless a potential donor can set aside a couple days and schedule many of the tests at once – it could take weeks/months for a person to be tested. The bad news is all scheduled transplant surgeries for June have been filled. We pray to God our donor is found immediately so that a surgery can be scheduled for July.

While Jamey has “good days” even the best of them don’t compare to a mediocre day BKF (Before Kidney Failure). He’s tired. So very tired. All of the time. He is a strong man and doing the very best he can to put on a brave face. Especially when he shows up at work, school, or carpool. Know that he doesn’t leave the house when he feels especially crummy. If you are seeing him, he is having a pretty good day 😉

The girls are getting antsy for summer break. I think we are about 9 school days away. Abby completed her weaving project. And Hb Bridged from a Daisy to a Brownie. Abby Bridges from a Brownie to a Junior this weekend.

IMG_5923  hannah

I’m hanging on. It is crazy how many activities are crammed into the last few days of school. Someone asked me which was easier: school or summer break. Well, I suppose they both have challenges. At least with summer break I don’t have to worry about studying for spelling tests and helping with school projects (I think they call these “Family Enjoyment” at our school).

We also spend exponentially more time in our house now than BKF. Little things that drove me crazy last year are driving me completely nuts now. This house was a spec home. If you remember, we flew from St. Louis to Colorado and picked out a house in a weekend. We moved into the house three weeks later. It was crazy fast. I’ve never lived in a brand new house. There are many things that are quite lovely of course. But there are some kinks that haven’t been worked out yet with the flow of the house. A friend pointed out to me that when you purchase an already lived in home, usually, the previous owners have fixed any flow problems. So, it seems it’s up to me. I’m starting to organize the basement a little better. I’m also trying to come up with a solution for our CRUMMY laundry area. And finally… the toys. Holy smokes the toys. There has to be a method to this madness! LOL

And one more time, a BIG thanks to everyone that has donated to the transplant fund. You’re generosity leaves me speechless. We have no idea who our donor will be. We don’t know if they will miss work — or even if they have a fantastic insurance. If it turns out that all of us are taken care of – your contributions will be donated to the National Kidney Foundation and will be a blessing for another family dealing with this disease. Thank you so very much!



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  1. Laurie Feger AKA Jamey's Mom

    I love that he is loved so much! Loved by you, and all his family and friends. He will be well again.


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