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Good News!

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Finally!! Friday’s blood tests results are back. Hemoglobin is UP!!! This is what was making J super tired. He has been doing large Epogen injections twice a week for a couple weeks trying to get this number up. It is working! He isn’t quite where they want him – but the upward movement is finally a positive! Keep praying friends…. Read more »

Thursday was awful…

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Friday was worse 🙁 Jamey meets with his dialysis nurses and nephrologist every two weeks. Yesterday was a doctor day. Unfortunately, we had a very chaotic day and I was unable to secure a sitter for the appointment. I ended up sitting in the car with the girls while Jamey was at his appointment (hour and a half). Then when he… Read more »


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Unfortunately our potential donor was denied this week in one of the very last tests. Please take a moment to read about Ken Roads. He is a hero and we are very thankful for everything he has done for us. This post is to show how thankful we are for a person you knew existed but had not yet been… Read more »