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imageHe had a good night on the 10th floor. Lots of walking and… A real shower!!! Woo Hoo! The room was really quiet compared to ICU so he didn’t sleep quite as well as he did down there. Woke up this morning with a pretty high BP. They jumped right on it and it is coming down nicely. We were told this is normal. He is still making a lot of urine. The kidney is happy and once it is settled and pain meds are decreased we should see his bp stabilize.

His hands and feet started itching pretty bad. The nephrologist changed his pain med and said that should help.┬áDr. Keneely stopped by today and couldn’t figure out why he still had his catheter. About an hour later it was removed. So, at this very moment, the only thing that’s attached to him is a BP cuff. Woot!

It seems 1/2 the staff thinks he’s going home today. The other half doesn’t know. We’ll see!

He needs to pee and poop. He is passing gas just fine. So we are hoping it is just a matter of walking to get things moving.


4 thoughts on “Morning update

  1. Judy Redmond

    Good news on the recovery. As for the gas, I always knew he was full of hot air!!!!! Get well soon James.


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