Immune System

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Jamey’s immune system is shut down almost completely for the next couple months. This helps his body not attack the new kidney. The immunosuppressants will be relaxed a bit around October. We know everyone wants to see him. Hug him. Shake his hand. Please know he is missing this contact too. We are doing everything we can to limit his contact with germs right now. So, if he’s reaching for a fist bump – please know he’s giving what is safe for him at this time. In October we can all give him sloppy hugs and kisses. ???

5 thoughts on “Immune System

  1. Diane Turley

    Sorry I’m late posting this, but congratulations on the new kidney! I’m so glad you were able to get one. Best wishes for everything going the way it should from now on!

  2. Jeff Stauffer

    Glad to hear all has been going well since the big day! I suppose you can’t make an excuse to come out in public for fantasy football draft night? 🙂


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