Clinic day and Meds

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I know we’ve talked about all of the meds Jamey takes to keep his body happy with the new kidney. But let’s talk about clinic day. The doctor takes a look at all of his lab results and all of the meds he takes and then she adjusts things. We’ve been told to be prepared for meds to be moved around at every clinic visit. We have a binder that keeps the most current plan of meds in spreadsheet form. We have to take this binder to each clinic visit. They remove the old sheets and give us new ones. Then, when we get home, we have to redo his pill box. This is what that process looks like.

I open the binder to the new med list. I put each med in the order it is listed in the binder. You can’t see it in this pic very well, but I take the meds out and sit them off to the side that he will not take this week.





Next I empty the meds that are still in the pill box into a bowl. I sort each one and put it back into the correct container. I have to wear gloves. Some of the meds will cause a reaction to me but not Jamey. He can touch all of them without any problem. What’s left in the bowl is about three days of meds.


Then I check the binder and count out the correct med for the correct time slot.


I count and check the binder one more time once everything is where it should be. Right now he has roughly 14 meds in the AM and PM and a few more throughout the day. These meds will taper a bit as the weeks go by. But he will always and forever take a handful so his body doesn’t try to kick out the new kidney.



I will redo this process again after our next clinic visit on Friday. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Clinic day and Meds

  1. Uncle David

    I have wondered if any one had such a great match that they ended up not needing any meds. That would be awesome

    1. Mary spinetti

      I think even a perfect match needs medicine but after awhile maybe on few. Probably keeps from later on rejection. One of my friends is on her third heart… Back on #thewaitinglist. Makes me sad, we are only 27 years old but she is never negative and so thankful to be alive. All those pills are freedom from dialysis. I’m sure the side effects suck but you will get stronger. How is your energy level now compared to before?

  2. Deb G

    Wow. That’s a lot of work. I was sorting my meds mess when I read this. Misery loves company. Lol. Just remember… This too shall pass. Big love and continued prayers for that mighty fine kidney to rock!


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