3 week post op update

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He is doing great!! We are still going to the hospital twice a week. They draw blood and tell us how to change his meds around. We’ve gotten pretty used to the process and it is now just part of our week.

Jamey had been getting pretty light headed when he stood up. We would check his bp and it was pretty low. Extremely low if you consider he was in the upper 190’s (even on FIVE different bp meds) just a few weeks ago. He left the hospital on three bp meds. A week post op he dropped down to two. Then one. And as of this week is taking ZERO bp meds! Rock star!!! The Lieutenant is doing awesome! So awesome that he is dumping lots of phosphorus and magnesium. So now he has to take meds to add the phosphorus back. They tell us this will level out in time.

He is back to work! His phone and laptop are permanent fixtures in his chair. But, let’s be honest – he was listening to calls in the ICU. 😛

he also is cleared to drive. I said, “Thank goodness!! You can do the AM rush hour drives downtown!” He pretty much told me he is enjoying having a chauffeur and I can keep driving 😛

Every meal is still homemade with non processed foods. Bread and bran cereal are about the only processed foods he’s allowed right now. He looks great. He feels great. Everything is moving in the right direction!!

He still has a month or two of hanging out at home. I’m certain it is driving him nuts. In time they will back off of the amount of immunosuppressants. For now we are trying to keep germs away from him.

Ryan also had a checkup this week. He’s healing well and everything looks great! He did mention that he was getting worn out pretty quick still. I imagine after you give up an entire organ fatigue is common for a bit 😉

Thank you for your continued prayers.

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