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Jamey is feeling GREAT!!! We are down to scheduled once a week visits to clinic/hospital for labs and appointments. He is still working from home daily — but he has been to the office once or twice for a few hours. His immune system is still quite suppressed. We can expect that to be the case for several more months. He has been released to eat reataraunt food again. A sad note – sushi is no longer allowed. Ever. He seems okay with it. Being alive and healthy and all 😉

I know he made a promise to himself and to Ryan to take the absolute best care of his body that he can. So even though it is allowed – reataraunt food has been quite minimal.

He is seeming more and more “normal” every day. He used to pace while he was on the phone. As he got sicker the pacing stopped. Last week he had a day where he walked 6.5 miles AROUND THE HOUSE on phone calls!! Yes. Our pacer is back!! He’s also quite quick with his witty remarks and observations. I harass him about it — but I LOVE it! ???

4 thoughts on “Updates!!

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