Drum Roll Please!!

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We had another clinic visit with fantastic news! Guess who gets to go to the season opener?? You got it!! We’ll be UNITED IN ORANGE on Sunday morning! It is a crowded space – but it is open air with lots of places we can go if we feel his health is being compromised. The last game we went to last season was pretty sad for us. Jamey had 2.5 liters of Dialysate in him. I could tell he was hurting but was trying to soak up every bit of joy from our friends and the situation that he could. He sat in one chair all of tailgate. Our friends surrounded him. The walk to Mile High wasn’t as boisterous as normal. Once we were in our seats he just felt too bad to stay the whole game.

Thanks to all of the unbelievably generous people in our lives — especially Ryan and Ken — tomorrow’s game should be quite different!

I want to end on great news — so I’ll share some blah news right now. Remember how he is immunosuppressed? They give him meds to keep his white blood count low so his body doesn’t try to attack his new kidney. Well right now his white blood count is just a hair on the low side. It is a super fine balancing act keeping him healthy enough for daily life – but suppressed enough to not reject the kidney. They are watching this number closely and will adjust his meds as needed. Some of you have asked if he’s traveling for work again. Not yet. While he is allowed to be in some public places we are coached on where we can be and how to make it as safe as possible. Small closed spaces with many people that you can’t get away from isn’t ideal. They tell us it is common for his white blood count to drop more right around three months. It doesn’t happen to everyone but it often happens. We are at seven weeks right now. We will see how his body reacts to everything around twelve weeks and should get a better idea about travel. This includes if we will be able to travel by plane during the holiday season.

Okay! Back to super happy things!!

We had several pieces of great news yesterday! J’s creatinine is still at an all time low of 1.2. This number will change. We will try not to panic when it does. And hopefully it will drop back down on its own. Ryan’s kidney (aka “The Lieutenant”) is an overachiever. It is working so well! Jamey’s liver enzymes are trending down (which is good). His phosphorus and magnesium are coming up (which is good). We can only assume based on these numbers that we will see a much happier heart as well when he gets another chest X-ray.

Last week he was cleared to have some time on an elliptical. He did and said he felt great. Yesterday they said he could bump up his fitness goals as he felt comfortable. He can handle some weight now. He was only allowed a gallon of milk up to this point. They said he could give up to 20 lbs a shot.

And finally, a bit more good news: He was released from once a week visits. He has to complete labs next week. But we can do that right near our home. As of this moment we don’t have to drive back to the hospital until the 25th!!

Thank you for your continued prayers. I want you to know I waivered. There were many times during this last year when I wasn’t certain I would see this version of this man standing beside me ever again. Or even have him beside me at all. Thank you. Of course a huge YAY for Ryan. But also tons of thanks for your prayers and well wishes. You all helped carry us when standing on our own was too difficult. We are so blessed.

3 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please!!

  1. Kevin McElearney

    It’s been a few superbowls since we have seen you guys, but last nights game – and the comeback kid -reminded me of this comeback kid. Congratulations to the whole family for where you are today!!

    BTW, I just read through your blog and my favorite line was “Yay, Urine!!!”


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