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Hi, Friends!! Well, it seems I’ve been absent for several weeks. I’m so so sorry. I guess when your husband gets a kidney and starts feeling better the family starts doing things. 🙂 So, how about a quick update?

Jamey’s three month appointment was at the end of October. At that appointment he was informed that he only needed to do labs once every two weeks. He also only needed to come to clinic once a month. Woo Hoo!!!! It was such a time commitment to travel down town three times a week. This will really free up some time!

His phosphorus is still really low. He has continued getting phosphorus infusions to help with this. Phosphorus infusions aren’t a ton of fun. They have proven to take 4-7 hours depending on the day and type of infusion. And they sometimes hurt. A lot. Just last week he started another med that might help with his phosphorus levels. Fingers crossed we can put these infusions behind us!

Unfortunately, in the weeks since his three month appointment it has been determined that he may have a virus. A curable virus – but a virus none the less. You and I could fight a virus pretty quickly. But, Jamey, with his suppressed immune system, is having a more difficult time. He looks great and feels great. This is something they discovered in his labs. It COULD be the reason for some of his other labs that appear a little off. They have changed his meds around a bit trying to give his immune system a fighting chance against this virus.

Again, the virus doesn’t make him feel bad – and is only noticed because of his labs.   He will get labs drawn a little more often while this virus runs its course. He is taking a med that should have helped prevent him from getting any virus. The next step is to see if this particular strain of the virus is resistant to the med he is taking. Fortunately, this is something they see in transplant and we have teams of doctors and nurses all over it working to get him through it.

Okay! All for now! I’ll update again after his appointment Friday!


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