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We did indeed get to go to Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time with lots of family we haven’t seen in a long while.


We also became Adelyn’s Godparents when she celebrated the sacrament of Baptism. It was a beautiful evening!


Now onto the virus. Recent labs show it is getting significantly better! Yay!! The down side to this is it takes quite a few hospital visits for labs and infusions. They are still rearranging his meds weekly as they take and watch his labs closely. He is now recieving one of his immunosuppressants through IV infusion instead of a pill twice a day. This isn’t a party — as it takes about 7 hours and that doesn’t include drive time (hospital is still PSL downtown). As of today, he is scheduled to do that once a month. The goal is for his immune system and a specific med to kill the virus. Once that is done, the plan/hope is that he can return to the pill version of the immunosuppressant.

Today, we got to wake up at 6 so we could drive to the hospital for an injection. His white blood count is a little low (even for a transplant recipient) and this should give it the boost he needs. The crummy part here is that the hospital tried to call it in for us so we could pick it up in our neighborhood and administer it ourselves. The local pharmacy does not keep the med on hand and unfortunately it could not be mail ordered in a timely manner. So, here we go! Starting Saturday off with an early wake up call and a needle. ???


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