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Seriously! How cool is that?? She also emails. And she emailed to say that she checked the blog but there wasn’t an update. This blogs for you Grandma Mifflin!


I suppose I should start with December 2015. I failed to post that we had an amazing opportunity. Let’s backtrack a bit more… If you’ve read How We Ended Up Here – You know that we found out Jamey was in renal failure on Christmas Eve 2014. I can’t remember if I posted about the cancelled trip. A couple months before that Christmas we started planning a New Year’s Eve trip to New York! The girls each picked the couple things that they just HAD to do: The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, Times Square, Hot Dog/Pretzel Carts, ride in a Yellow Cab. The call on Christmas Eve cancelled that trip and all of our plans. I actually think as we were trying to wrap our heads around renal failure – the girls were mourning the cancelled trip. They cried and cried. Well time came full circle, as it often does. Guess where we ended up New Year’s Eve 2015?? You guessed it! NEW YORK!!! And you’ll never guess who went with us 😉 This trip was special for so many reasons – but the fact that Ryan was there right beside Jamey was just too much for me. We were with a small group of new friends when we went to see the tree at Rockefeller. I stood there and cried as I took pictures. Then I took a moment to tell our new group of friends what Ryan did for my husband. I don’t think I was the only one with tears in my eyes when this group photo was taken.


The trip was amazing! We even got to help the Angel Wish Foundation close Nasdaq. Unbelievable opportunity for all of us!!


IMG_2355 IMG_2411 IMG_2543 IMG_2487 IMG_2465 IMG_2583 IMG_2566 IMG_2481

Day to Day life is almost back to normal – our new normal. Jamey is traveling again. And as of just last week I’ve found my way back to my Crossfit family. Abby is still riding horses and Hb is spending time at gymnastics.



As you might assume, getting a new organ isn’t entirely rainbows and sunshine. I’m hopeful that some of the issues we face today won’t be around next year. But I also realize we are in a MUCH better place today than we were a year ago. We are now almost 8 months post transplant. Jamey feels great and looks even better 😉 Unfortunately, his blood work says a couple things are still not quite right. Fortunately, he gets blood work OFTEN. Right now it is still once a week. Once a week he/we drive downtown to PSL and he gets a blood draw. A couple days later the hospital calls and tells us how to adjust his meds. While you will hear me grumble that it is a pain to have to drive all the way downtown once a week – it is so much better than the alternative. I’ll write another post someday about how the insurance companies fight the doctors on the drugs that Jamey needs. Blows my mind! The transplant team writes a prescription and the insurance company tells us NO. I guess the insurance company hopes to pay for another transplant. I dunno? It infuriates me!!

I’m sitting on the couch right now. The girls are playing together. Jamey is outside chatting up the neighbors and washing his car. Just as it should be. <3

IMG_3950-1 IMG_3951-1 IMG_3954-1

Thank you for your continued well wishes and prayers. We thank God for you all daily.

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