No News is Good News

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So, here in the Feger house we have been finding peace. Why haven’t I updated the blog? It hasn’t been on my mind. Instead, I’ve been planning Transplantiversary celebrations, getting the kids back to school, preparing for the holidays, working around Jamey’s travel schedule — you know, NORMAL THINGS. Can we celebrate a little?? Woo Hoo!!!!

Let’s go back to  July 24th, 2016. We celebrated one year post transplant. Transplant patients refer to this day as their first Transplantiversary. We celebrated. We were surrounded with great friends, great food, and great memories. There are no more IV poles in the house. No more cyclers. No more Baxter deliveries. Jamey had a smile on his face all day long. He looked fantastic and felt even better!

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The next big event in this celebration was taking a break. We had had many ups and downs to get this point. Even at his sickest, Jamey was still working. I think it kept him sane. It drove me INSANE 😛  We made it through a pretty challenging time. We made it through recovery. And we finally decided to breathe.  We grabbed the greatest guy we knew (and his fiancé) and we checked out of life for a few days. It was awesome to have a little bit of downtime and celebrate with Ryan and JoC.

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Where we are now. Well, we are about as normal as we will get. Jamey has to have labs (just a quick blood draw) a couple times a month. This helps the transplant team keep track of his numbers so they can be on top of it immediately if anything changes. His meds have been pretty stable for months. It seems things are settling down and we are getting a taste of what our normal will be. We are getting used to “no news is good news” ourselves. Right after transplant the hospital would call the same day as labs and let us know how to change his meds. The calls became less frequent the longer he had the kidney. If the hospital didn’t call after a lab one of us would call just to make sure everything was okay. We are finally just letting it go now. If he has a lab and we don’t get a call we know everything is good. Little bits of peace we are letting back into our lives. And I like it!! While Jamey worked through everything – his travel schedule was quite a bit lighter right after transplant. I’m getting used to him being gone again. And I’m loving that he is in his element and happy.

The girls are back to school and still loving all of their activities! Hb had her first overnight with her Girl Scout troop. And Abby loves every minute she spends with Joey 🙂

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Your support and prayers got us to this point. So you keep praying and I will keep posting. But I feel this blog is changing. It will not be a plea for help. It will not be a minute by minute update. No. Instead, it will be glimpses of a family that has received the greatest gift and is using it to the fullest!

“Celebrate we will! Life is short but sweet for certain!”

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Love, The Feger Family

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