Check Check… Is this thing on?

Two months. We’ve been in the house, together, for two months. We are okay. We each have our days. Most of them are good. Most of the time we are thankful for our health and this time together. Originally, I thought I would be the one to go out to the stores and to get the things we needed. I went out once. One time right at the beginning. It was terrifying. Knowing that any person around me could be sick – but look perfectly fine – was just a little more than I could handle. I have one main job right now. Keep my family safe. That day I came home and decided we would have to do things differently. I would not be leaving again. For our house – it was just too risky. Jamey falls into that high risk category.

We are thankful for friends, family and the resources available to us. Every week I get a few phone calls and texts that someone is going to a store and they wonder if they can grab anything for us. They leave items on our porch. I’ve even watched some friends Clorox wipe the item before they put it down. Unbelievable how special these people are to us. We have Instacart delivery. A shopper will text with me until I’m happy I have everything I need. That same person delivers it to our front door. I go out and bring everything inside and then begin the process of cleaning every single item. Amazon delivers. Jamey still has his job. We are able to afford this very different life we are living. I’m able to help the girls with their schoolwork while J works in the basement. We are okay.

I don’t read/watch the news too much. I post to Instagram and copy to Facebook. I don’t often scroll Facebook. I’ve caught bits and pieces here and there – and for the most part – I panic enough on my own. πŸ™‚ I don’t need to know about bats, or bugs, or our government, or conspiracy theories. I know there is a virus. I know anyone can carry it. I know it is most likely deadly to my household. It’s frustrating to see posts or hear thoughts from people that think it is a simple statement to say: Those in that 1-2% just need to stay inside. I wonder if they put faces with that comment. Yeah, sure, Jamey. A 42 year old transplant recipient. Okay, yes. He’s staying inside. But do they think of our 12 and 14 year old kids. They too are inside. They are healthy. They are young. But they could also be carriers.

I’m sad for my 8th grader that can’t be with her friends before they all go to different high schools. I’m sad she can’t have those last few days roaming the halls of the school she’s attended for years. I’m sad for my 8th grader that doesn’t get her continuation/graduation events or ceremony. I’m sad for my 6th grader that is quite social. I’m sad my 6th grader is already so empathetic at 12 years old. I’m sad for my husband who normally travels, gets to see the world, and thrives doing what he does best. He now sits in the basement in front of a green screen all hours of the day/night. I’m sad that I don’t get to see my family this summer. I’m sad I’m not hugging my friends. I’m a hugger.

I’m sad for the families that look just like ours that don’t have the resources we do. The families trying to protect one person that lives under the same roof. I know many people are protecting and helping parents and grandparents that live in different houses. Please remember the families that all live in the same house. The families sharing a handrail with someone in that 1-2%. Every action matters. Every decision matters. Did I clean the box of cereal? How do I clean the grapes? Has the box sat there long enough? Did I touch the refrigerator handle before or after I touched the new groceries? These months have been scary. The months that are in front of us are still just as scary. We are okay. Pray for the families in our situation that are not okay.

We’ve had healthy friends. We’ve had sick friends. We’ve had acquaintances die. We’ve had birthdays. We’ve had life events. We are learning a new normal. We are wondering what our future looks like. Will the girls go to school? Where will J live?

One day at at time. We had a call with the transplant team yesterday. The main direction was shelter in place. They’ve only had a handful of transplant patients with COVID. She thinks that transplant patients already know how to keep themselves safe. They are in the high risk category every day. Jamey still gets IVIG for a virus he’s carried for years since transplant. He has to go downtown and check into the hospital for the day every 30 days. He’s been twice during the COVID pandemic.

There is a slight chance that treatment is helping him during this scary time. Are we interested in testing that theory? Nope. πŸ˜› We were encouraged to get outside – as long as it isn’t a crowded place or busy time on the sidewalks. We were encouraged to do dispersed camping this summer (not at a campground).

The girls are almost finished with school. Some weeks have caused tears and been incredibly challenging. Some days are 8 hours of work. Some days are far better with only 4 hours or so. But they are almost done and I’m thrilled!!

I’m spending lots of time baking and sewing. I make bread a couple times a week. I’ve also made masks for friends and family.

We hope everyone is staying safe. We are okay.

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