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Up and Down

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As I mentioned earlier in the week – we visit the hospital once a week. We get some results that day, others come a couple days later. Unfortunately, the result we got that day said that J’s creatinine had creeped back up a bit. Blah. It isn’t dangerously high – but it isn’t at its average low. So, we pray… Read more »

My Grandma Reads My Blog…

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Seriously! How cool is that?? She also emails. And she emailed to say that she checked the blog but there wasn’t an update. This blogs for you Grandma Mifflin! I suppose I should start with December 2015. I failed to post that we had an amazing opportunity. Let’s backtrack a bit more… If you’ve read How We Ended Up HereĀ –… Read more »

Now’s not a good time…

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Then: “I know it’s Christmas Eve, but we need you to fly home. Now.” “Your creatinine is still increasing. We are scheduling your catheter placement tomorrow.” “Your creatinine is STILL increasing. You don’t have time to heal for 6 weeks before starting dialysis. Your starting two days after surgery. The only center that can train you is in Aurora. Be… Read more »

Drum Roll Please!!

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We had another clinic visit with fantastic news! Guess who gets to go to the season opener?? You got it!! We’ll be UNITED IN ORANGE on Sunday morning! It is a crowded space – but it is open air with lots of places we can go if we feel his health is being compromised. The last game we went to… Read more »

One Month

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Here we are! We made it 4 weeks with little difficulty. Yay!! We continue driving downtown to the hospital two days a week. The last few visits have been pretty uneventful. I hope this is a sign of things to come. Rumor has it we will drop down to only one visit a week pretty soon. Today we found out… Read more »