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This is a late post. Last week, the day we came home from the hospital, I cleaned all traces of dialysis out of our bedroom. Jamey walked in the house, hugged the girls, and then went straight to our shower. I cleaned out every bit of dialysis supplies while he was in the bathroom. I wanted him to see his… Read more »

Thursday was awful…

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Friday was worse 🙁 Jamey meets with his dialysis nurses and nephrologist every two weeks. Yesterday was a doctor day. Unfortunately, we had a very chaotic day and I was unable to secure a sitter for the appointment. I ended up sitting in the car with the girls while Jamey was at his appointment (hour and a half). Then when he… Read more »

Second verse…

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…same as the first. Just a little bit louder and a little bit worse! BLAH. Well, remember the post where I said things weren’t great? Labs confirmed our thoughts. Unfortunately, Jamey’s kidneys have went downhill a bit. His creatinine is up to 15 and his BUN is up as well around 98. The good news? We have a FANTASTIC team… Read more »

Dialysis At Home

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We did it! Last night was our second night. I will admit it was a little stressful on Wednesday night. We have spent so long doing this in a small hospital room. Everything has its own place and is easy to get to and access. I did find a spot for everything and label all of the drawers and boxes here… Read more »


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All of our supplies are here! This is about one month (and a little extra) worth of supplies. While it is over 50 boxes – I don’t think it takes up as much room as I thought it would. It will be a bit different than training. During training we used one 6000 ml bag and one 3000 ml bag. He… Read more »