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Still Here

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We are still in Aurora. Sigh. We have passed all of the tests but we are still waiting for our supplies. We have to come here for dialysis until we can do it at home. Blah. He’s working. I’m working. It is nearly 70 outside and we are in a tiny room with no windows or cell service. Yup. Excellent…. Read more »

Dialysis Update

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We finish our training today. Woot!! However, we don’t get to dialyze at home since our supplies and equipment haven’t arrived. The plan is for J to come back to DaVita this Friday and next Monday. Then we are crossing our fingers that our supplies will be at our house by Tuesday or Wednesday. Once supplies are at our house… Read more »


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Guess who set up the cycler and connected himself today? This guy! Yay!!! We are finally at 2 liters. Woot! The initial drain (which is usually really rough) went super great this morning. The first ever fill to 2 liters was also painless. Deep breath. Exhale. Thank God! What a crazy, emotional time this has all been. While our days… Read more »


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We made it!!!! We had a great week. Today I got to do the manual bags on my own. You may notice that he worked though the whole process. Don’t worry though, I still got his smart@$$ comments while I worked 😉 It is still a bit of a stressful process – but I’m getting it! Oh! And I passed… Read more »

Good Day!

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Today was a good day. Yes, he even felt like working during dialysis! We started dialysis with 1000cc. At one point we got up to 1200cc. His fill and dwell periods were not nearly as painful as Friday. Even draining wasn’t awful today. It still wasn’t comfortable – but it was certainly more manageable. Peggy was with us today and… Read more »

Don’t Make Me Put On My Angry Eyes!

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He might be tired but he’s still a comedian! THIS is what he wore to our dialysis meeting tonight. Please remember he is usually the youngest patient in the room by about 40 years. Tonight was no different. Sigh. Anyway, tonight. Tonight was good. We went to Parker to the DaVita Center. We reviewed some and learned some. We were… Read more »