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Update & Thanks

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Jamey is feeling MUCH better. He has been working from his recliner this week. He seems much more himself although his appetite hasn’t really returned yet. He has gained back a pound or two and that is good news! Right now his favorite foods are oatmeal and Bomb Pops 😛 I wanted to take a moment to thank our friends Tasha and… Read more »


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Aspen View Academy had their Daddy/Daughter Dance this weekend. Our girls were so excited! Unfortunately a stomach virus is sweeping the first grade. Hb didn’t get to go. Abby said she had a blast! Jamey said Abby wasn’t too excited to dance – but once he got her started she wouldn’t quit! LOL Jamey hopped on the corporate jet this… Read more »


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One of the greatest sunshiny moments of this whole kidney journey was when Becky H. introduced me to Jill. Jill and her husband, Doug, are from St. Louis. Doug needs a kidney. Jill and I have laughed on the phone together. We’ve cried on the phone together. We even have finished each others sentences. It is so unfortunate that I… Read more »

We Need A Kidney!

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We arrived at our meeting downtown yesterday. They said, “CONGRATULATIONS.” Then they handed us a folder that was filled with some of the most scary information we have read so far. First things first. The CONGRATULATIONS part. The document stated: You have met all the criteria required to be placed on the kidney transplant list. After this class you will… Read more »