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My Grandma Reads My Blog…

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Seriously! How cool is that?? She also emails. And she emailed to say that she checked the blog but there wasn’t an update. This blogs for you Grandma Mifflin! I suppose I should start with December 2015. I failed to post that we had an amazing opportunity. Let’s backtrack a bit more… If you’ve read How We Ended Up Here¬†–… Read more »


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This is a late post. Last week, the day we came home from the hospital, I cleaned all traces of dialysis out of our bedroom. Jamey walked in the house, hugged the girls, and then went straight to our shower. I cleaned out every bit of dialysis supplies while he was in the bathroom. I wanted him to see his… Read more »

Immune System

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Jamey’s immune system is shut down almost completely for the next couple months. This helps his body not attack the new kidney. The immunosuppressants will be relaxed a bit around October. We know everyone wants to see him. Hug him. Shake his hand. Please know he is missing this contact too. We are¬†doing everything we can to limit his contact… Read more »


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Last night I did something I haven’t done since Christmas Eve. I silenced my phone while we slept. We are no longer waiting on a call about a kidney. It was lovely. ? Jamey slept pretty well in between taking pain meds and peeing. Our nurses/doctor told him that the crazy amount of urine will regulate in a couple months.