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Virus update

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We did indeed get to go to Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time with lots of family we haven’t seen in a long while. We also became Adelyn’s Godparents when she celebrated the sacrament of Baptism. It was a beautiful evening! Now onto the virus. Recent labs show it is getting significantly better! Yay!! The down side to this is… Read more »

Drum Roll Please!!

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We had another clinic visit with fantastic news! Guess who gets to go to the season opener?? You got it!! We’ll be UNITED IN ORANGE on Sunday morning! It is a crowded space – but it is open air with lots of places we can go if we feel his health is being compromised. The last game we went to… Read more »


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Aspen View Academy had their Daddy/Daughter Dance this weekend. Our girls were so excited! Unfortunately a stomach virus is sweeping the first grade. Hb didn’t get to go. Abby said she had a blast! Jamey said Abby wasn’t too excited to dance – but once he got her started she wouldn’t quit! LOL Jamey hopped on the corporate jet this… Read more »