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No News is Good News

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So, here in the Feger house we have been finding peace. Why haven’t I updated the blog? It hasn’t been on my mind. Instead, I’ve been planning Transplantiversary celebrations, getting the kids back to school, preparing for the holidays, working around Jamey’s travel schedule — you know, NORMAL THINGS. Can we celebrate a little?? Woo Hoo!!!! Let’s go back to… Read more »

Been a while…

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Hi, Friends!! Well, it seems I’ve been absent for several weeks. I’m so so sorry. I guess when your husband gets a kidney and starts feeling better the family starts doing things. 🙂 So, how about a quick update? Jamey’s three month appointment was at the end of October. At that appointment he was informed that he only needed to… Read more »

Leaving the hospitall

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It was a good morning. Jamey finally has feeling in both hands and fingers!! His creatinine is down a bit more to 1.2. Our transplant team all stopped by today. We were updated and quizzed – and quizzed some more. Our first clinic visit is on Friday. Heading HOME!! Jamey listening to instruction about meds, labs, and clinic visits from… Read more »

Update: Ryan and Jamey

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Ryan is doing great and going home (Castle Rock) TODAY! Jamey is doing great and “should” be moved to the 10th floor today. This floor cannot have flowers/kids/etc. BUT they told us that he will “most likely go home tomorrow!!” His creatinine is down to 1.5. We are told it will most likely stay there. It could drop more –… Read more »

Good Hour

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This was a good hour. Lots of things removed. He’s down to one IV and one other access point. His right arm is needle free! He was pulling tape off of old IV and injection or blood draw sites. He lost his pain pump and is now just taking oral meds. Since he is down to only one IV he… Read more »