Surgery Postponed

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Blood test results are in! His creatinine  dropped. It only dropped one point to 6.0 – but it dropped. All of his nutition values looked okay. This delay allows me to bring the girls home on Thursday and Jamey can spend time with them before surgery. It is possible that surgery could be next week. But we are thrilled to have a… Read more »

Best Friends Ever

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It is crazy cold here today. -2 right now. I have no idea what the temp was when a wonderful friend shoveled for us. Thank you all! A little bird mentioned that you are all taking turns. What a blessing to be surrounded with such kindness! I I just dropped him off for his blood work. It was an exciting… Read more »

Met The Surgeon

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Well, we went in with great spirit and high hopes. Then we had the #$%^ scared out of us. Meeting the surgeon really brought everything front and center. He was wonderful. The office staff was wonderful. Learning about a catheter going in your belly – freaking scary. Since the 24th we have had many ups and downs. This was a… Read more »


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Hi, All! I’ll update about our surgeon visit in a bit. Right now we need prayers. We need Jamey’s creatinine to take a big drop. It is at 7. We have a blood test tomorrow and it would give us a little more wiggle room if that 7 could turn into a much lower number.

Waiting… And The Call

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It was a beautiful day! The snow was so pretty with bright blue skies. Very low key day for us just waiting for the call. Lots of movies and relaxing the best we could. Jamey’s Nephrologist called us this afternoon. The good news is the biopsy isn’t much different from the one we had two years ago. Yay! The next news isn’t as… Read more »

Post Biopsy Update

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He did great! We started with some blood work and then on to and ultrasound and the biopsy. Our radiology tech was hilarious. There was even a time when the lidocaine exploded and got in her eye. Be sure to ask us about that crazy moment.  She kept our spirits high. Jamey’s creatinine and BUN levels aren’t really what we want… Read more »

Biopsy Day

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Today we are heading in for his kidney biopsy. The last time we did this (a couple years ago) we got the result of about 30%. While we are quite emotional – this time isn’t as scary since we’ve done it before. We are more worried about the result than the procedure. Of course he thinks he’s a comedian in… Read more »